About Us


We Welcome You!!!

We welcome you to our web site. The Arcadia Church of the Brethren, established in 1915, is a small country church located in Arcadia, Florida. Our Pastor is Joseph Longenecker Sr.  We would like to invite all to come and worship every Sunday morning at 11:00. Sunday School begins at 10:00 AM. Come worship Christ with us at 25 North Mills Avenue in Arcadia, Florida.


What We Believe

WE BELIEVE that Jesus is Lord and   Savior, the Resurrected Christ, the Son of God, and the only  biblical provision for the salvation of humankind. We further believe that salvation comes by God's grace through the willful  human act of faith in Christ, the response to which is repentance of sin and baptism of the believer, and by the graceful Divine  acts of remission of sin, bestowing the gift of the Holy Spirit,   and granting of eternal life, all given freely without price or merit, paid in full by Christ's sacrificial death upon the Cross.


Our Mission Statement

"Worshiping and Sharing, Reaching Out and Caring,  Serving God......

Peacefully, Simply, Together"

Contact Us

Arcadia Church of the Brethren

25 N Mills Ave, Arcadia, FL 34266

(863) 494-2139